Wednesday, 7 October 2015

How comes a successful trading decision?

Stock Market's Psychology

"Trading is 90% psychology". (André Kostolanyi)

Is it true?

What makes our decisions good or bad? 

Especially in forex trading where the leverage multiplier could rise the risk realy high we traders can win a lot or lose everything. So these situations are extremely exciting and we are really excited as well. 

If we let driven by our feelings then we can easily make wrong trading decisions. 

Is it true in online trading that "bad decisions make good stories"?

But sometimes the logicaly cold trading methods are not working when they really should.

To get answer that you have to think again it twice. 

Think backwards on time and trying to remember when was your trading succeed or failed?

Was your technical knowlegde enough on that exact situation while making a good or bad decision or you just driven by your raving feelings?

Intuition or logic? Men or Women? There is no myth behind it. 

Let me show you a nice article of Stock Market's Psychology

by Viktoria Hajdu, a Capital Markets Professional who let us known her forex trading experiences and some advice can be found as well.

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